Psychosexual Counselling

The inability of a man or woman to give satisfactory sexual expression - to suffer from a sexual dysfunction - is one of the most devastating experiences any person can encounter.

Psychosexual, Erectile Dysfuntion #01Psychosexual therapy addresses aspects of sexual dysfunction in both men and women relating to sexual interest, arousal, orgasm, performance and psychological attitudes to sex. People often experience difficulties in their sexual relationships at one time or another. Couples frequently have difficulties in discussing these issues. It may feel very embarrassing to ask for help about such an intimate part of a relationship. Our therapists understand this and will help you to feel relaxed in sharing your concerns. Everything that happens during sessions will be treated in strict confidence and no information will be given to anyone.

Psychosexual counselling is offered for a range of disorders such as:
  • general sexual problems,
  • sexual health concerns,
  • sexual phobias
  • sexual orientation difficulties.
Others include rape victims, survivors of childhood sexual abuse; pre and post abortion counselling.

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