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Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle process that relaxes your mind as well as your body. No drugs are used, there are no unwanted or unpleasant side effects. It is simply an opportunity for you, with the guidance of a hypnotherapist, to influence your subconscious mind while ‘in trance’. It’s a very pleasant state when our concentration and creativity are at their peak.
While in trance, your hypnotherapist makes suggestions to your subconscious that bring about the changes in your behaviour that you have discussed and agreed in advance.

Hypnotherapy, Stress, Meridian, EFT, Emotrance #01A hypnotherapist is a skilled and trained professional who helps you use your own powerful mind to increase motivation or change behaviour patterns by inducing a trance state. When hypnotized, your mind is operating in its subconscious mode.

Hypnotherapy can help you to:-
  • end anxiety and reduce stress
  • improve sleep patterns
  • build confidence and self esteem
  • overcome speech problems
  • improve skin problems
  • control weight
  • control pain
  • prepare for childbirth
  • eliminate unwanted habits such as nailbiting and smoking
  • eliminate phobias
  • overcome shyness
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Stress and Stress Management

Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life although Stress is not always necessarily harmful. Winning a race or election can be just as stressful as losing but may trigger very different biological responses.

We all need to find the level of stress that permits us to perform optimally as we go through life. Stress management can help you to harness stress, so that it can work for you, and make you more productive, rather than self-destructive.

Stress can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and depression, which in turn can lead to health problems such as headaches, upset stomach, rashes, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. With the death of a loved one, the birth of a child, a job promotion, or a new relationship, we experience stress as we readjust our lives.

It has been found that most illness is related to unrelieved stress. If you are experiencing symptoms of stress, you have gone beyond your optimal stress level; you need to adjust the stress in your life and/or improve your
ability to manage it.

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Meridian Therapies

Meridian therapies are an important treatment modality. Not only can the body be treated through the meridian system but examination of the meridians can give diagnostic information for applying other forms of treatment.

E.F.T is commonly one of the first introductions many people have to Meridian Therapy

E.F.T Emotional Freedom techniques

EFT is a Meridian Energy Therapy - just like acupuncture, it works directly on the meridian system in the body. But instead of needles, you stimulate the major meridian points by tapping on them or massaging them lightly.
EFT is a true mind/body healing technique because it combines the physical effects of meridian treatments with the mental effects of focussing on the pain or problem at the same time.
EFT is a self help protocol, designed for ease of use and so everyone can benefit from Emotional Freedom Techniques without prior knowledge about meridians.

There are many things that EFT can help, however some conditions do have better success rates than others. Some of these include fears and phobias, headaches, addictions, trauma, abuse (sexual, physical or mental), allergies, self-confidence/image, dyslexia and anger/stress. Others that people have reported responding well are weight loss, arthritis, phantom pain, anxiety disorders and even warts.

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Hypnotherapy, Stress, Meridian, EFT, Emotrance #02


When conditions change in the energy body, subtle feedback exists immediately, which we generally are not aware of. It is only when these subtle sensations turn into strong feelings that we are made to take notice. We only become aware of these strong emotions as they turn into physiological sensations.

For example: when someone gets told unexpectedly, "You are FIRED!", they will report that "it felt as though they had been punched in the stomach".

That's not some kind of metaphor but a complete and correct recognition and diagnosis of a real and severe disturbance in this person's energy body. The *physical* sensation tells us exactly where this disturbance lies - in EmoTrance, the one who is working on their problem or disturbance will be asked to "show me with your hands where that is" - "that" being the problem, the bereavement, the anger, the pain, or whatever label of emotion is causing the problem.

There are channels and pathways which, if they are clear and functioning properly, can and will channel even the most powerful of energies into us, through us and out again in an Even Flow movement.
EmoTrance works to re-establish a full and functioning flow of energy types through a person's body.

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